Thursday, 24 September 2009

Work Clothes

I don't know if I'm the only one who does this, but I find that most days I get the majority of my household chores done whilst in my nightclothes. There's something satisfying about it, perhaps because then, by the time you wash, dress and start your 'real' day, you've already done the chores and can get on with the rest of the day afresh. I don't know, but I found myself doing it again today.

I woke up nice and early, pootled downstairs to let the cats out (even though the little sods prefer the indoor loo anyway) then decided to do something about the berries I harvested yesterday. I rinsed off the blackberries, patted them dry and put them in an old ice cream tub to freeze them.

Then I had a go at processing the haw berries. I took a tip from a website I found and rolled handfuls of the berries, still attached to their stalks and leaves, between the palms of my hands. Well - it worked a treat, the berries just dropped off into the container and I was left with a handful of shredded leaves - far easier than picking over them individually.

Gave those a rinse, put them in an old ice cream tub and put them to join their compatriots in the freezer. Next it was the rosehips. Removed stalks, woody tufts, rinse under the tap, ice cream tub, freezer. Job done. An hour gone. Eek. Still, they're all ready to go for when I have the time or other ingredients to make something with them.

Now I better go and get on with my course exercises so I can get my qualification (hopefully) and get a lovely lovely job and some even more lovely lovely money :-)

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