Friday, 11 March 2011

Gadget Lust

So I went to John Lewis today to buy four white porcelain bowls with my Xmas vouchers. Terribly dull, but it was getting silly trying to live with just two bowls - I finally made the resolution to go and buy them when I found myself eating cereal out of a saucepan the other day...

Whilst I was in JL they were doing a product demo for this liquidiser thing. I wasn't terribly impressed at first, I like gadgets, but I have a liquidiser so I wasn't that interested. On the other hand they had a display stand piled high with fruit, veg and other goodies and if there's one thing I like: it's free food.

So, I stuck out the sales spiel and then was invited to try some ice cream - ice cream? From a liquidiser? I was dubious.

The ingredients didn;t make me any less so.
Cream. Fine
Honey. Fine
Frozen fruit. Fine
Bananas. Fine
Carrots? Hrmm
Courgette? Wait a sec
Cabbage? Raw? Yes, really.

But wait reader, it was delicious. Fruity and light and sweet and very yummy.

Then they made soup by blitzing up all sorts of ingredients, including garlic and ginger that hadn't been skinned and sticks of celery and lots of coriander and cashew nuts. They whizzed it until it got hot, then served it - raw food, but hot. Utterly delicious.

Plus, seriously easy to wash.

I *waaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnt* one. All I could think was:
a) good way for me to gets lots of vitamins
b) finally - a way of making pesto and guacamole and other tricky food without spending hours and having it still be lumpy.

Catch? Oh yes, there was a catch. £439 worth.

I'm gonna need a few more vouchers.