About Milla

Milla is a discombobulated blogger who lived for some time in the concrete wilds of north Coventry, but has recently relocated to a rather more salubrious (and by salubrious she means 'expensive') market town in Oxfordshire. When asked her profession she offers a choice of occupations: from writer to unemployed, detouring briefly via housewife, so you can pick your own favourite label.

She is the proud owner of 1 husband, nearly new, no instructions provided & they both belong to 2 overgrown kittens who specialise in ambush, guerilla tactics, eating unsuitable food and providing all-round entertainment.

Milla's blog is almost as varied and rambling as her thoughts, though marginally less blue, & covers a multitude of time-wasting scribbles from recipes & plans to reviews of local eateries & shops. Once or twice she has even been known to dabble in bad poetry &, however much she tries to be cool and hip, always ends up with rhyming couplets.

You might enjoy her blog if:
- you're a big ol' busy body who likes reading about someone else's life.
-you're also a craft and hobby fanatic with weird & wacky schemes to knit soap, grow your own bread & live life on the economic edge
-you have a stable job & plentiful income & want to feel good about yourself by comparison
-you're looking for a tutorial & have a bad habit of trusting strangers for advice