Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Old Flame

Something strange is happening to me. I feel like I'm regressing, kind of, and my interest in old hobbies has been fired up. Was a time when all I could think about was herbs, alternative ways of living, a more paganistic approach to life. Somewhere along the line things changed a little, those interested faded into the background (although they never entirely left me) and new ones came to the fore. I got more into my writing and my photography and I stopped trying to search out new information on herbs and simple living, focusing instead on the thoughts inside my head and the images I could see.

Now it's all coming back to me and, whilst I regret a little all those years I 'wasted', not learning new things about herbs and plants, I can see that coming back to it a little older and wiser has refreshed my excitement and I'm ready to go at it full tilt. It makes me long for some kind of mentor again: someone more experienced who can show me how to start out with some basics and where I can head from there on. This sort of path is so very very complex when you're doing it on your own. If I could I honestly would try and find some sort of commune to live in with other, like-minded people and a few goats. As it is I'll have to do the best I can slogging on alone with the internet and a few books for information. The modern world isn't all advantages -- what I wouldn't give for a wise old village witch to learn from ;-)


  1. Ya know I too did something like that. I used to describe it this way: My dream was like a perennial flower, in the spring it would slowly show itself with fresh green leaves and grow thick and luscious with the warmth from the sun and bust into beauty as the season wore on. Then the flower would slowly die and all that would be left was the aging green vegetation until slowly it too would succumb to the ravishes of winter until it looked like it was dead. But come spring it would awaken again to bright green leaves and would blossom into a gorgeous flower once more.

    Our dreams and desires may fade with time, but they never really leave us. Dreams and goals are what keeps me going in hard times and in good times. They have become part of me and who I am...

  2. That's a lovely thought and explains beautifully the way our personalities, and with them our dreams and desires, cycle as we age. Thank you.