Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Soapmaking equipment - beg, borrow... cadge?

OK, so I need:
- a wooden spoon of some kind, well I think I have a cheapo spatula that will do.
- digital scales - borrow from the in-laws?
- a glass jug dedicated to mixing lye? Will look in charity shops, but failing that will have to buy new.
- a stainless steel or ceramic/glass mixing bowl big enough to mix the oils and lye in... perhaps a large saucepan will do? Charity shops again?
- a 'stick blender', or handheld blender. We used to have one, but I may have thrown it out when decluttering pre-housemoving. Eurk. Need to look in cupboards. Item not entirely essential, but I like labour-saving gadgets.
- a mould of some kind - think I might go for old milk cartons, or possibly a juice carton. I like the chunky look of soap cut into slices or blocks.

Am I missing anything? Check Rhonda's soapmaking page ...

Yikes - thermometer. Hrm... May have to buy that new as I'm fairly sure I won't find one in a charity shop.

Right, well Jane says on her page about cold pressed soapmaking that sturdy plastic buckets or bowls could be used - I'm bound to find something like that in a charity shop. As for safety equipment well, believe it or not, I have all that. Hubby is a hobby-car-mechanic and has goggles, gloves and overalls which I can borrow, so once I've got the list below, I'm all set.

- Two large, sturdy plastic or stainless steel bowls
- milk/sugar thermometer
- Check for wooden spatula/handheld blender
- borrow digital scales.
- plus newspapers and old towels <-- have plenty of those, but need to locate them!

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