Sunday, 5 January 2014


Well, Happy 2014. The end of 2013 was spent busily crafting a myriad of projects for others, including the stunning Ishbel scarf by Ysolde for my mum, a fun fairisle Christmas stocking for the Cub and about a hundred 'Aviatrix' bonnets for the multiple babies born over the last three months.

Chatting to CC, my very bestest friend round here and a crafter extraordinaire, I was pondering what to make over this coming year. "You should make something for yourself." She stated it unequivocally, like it was a given and my reflex denial gave me pause - why not make something for myself? When was the last time I had? Uh oh - I couldn't actually remember, other than the evening dress I never finished (more on that another time). Unless you count the kitchen curtains or the upcycled curtains-to-cushions in the sitting room it had been more than four years since I even *attempted* something for myself.

That's it, then.  2014 is the year I make things for MEEEEEEEEEE!

(and maybe for the Cub, because he looks so darn cute in handmade)

So let's start a list of things I want to make, then I can come back and tell you how it went.

How about some felting? I'm going to felt up some old jumpers and want something stylish to make out of them. 

Sewn Felt Slippers

These slippers by Stephanie Hung are lovely and should be simple enough to do - and if I love mine then I can whip up some for other people quickly enough that it shouldn't eat into my selfish crafting too much ;-) What? There will still be birthdays and Christmas to provide presents for!

Parisian Twist Headband

Love love love this and it'll use up a lovely ball of yarn I got from someone else's de-stash - lush!