Monday, 28 September 2009


I doubt very much that I'm alone, as a woman, when it comes to my passionate relationship with lists. Planning a party? Write a list. Going travelling? Write a list. Christmas coming? Write a list. Feel like your brain is turning to soup with all the things you have to remember? Write a list.

I even have an item on my current list: make shopping list. That's right, I put 'making lists' on my lists. I adore them. They organise me, they keep me sane, they give me a sense of achievement and satisfaction even when I've done very little. On bad days I put 'get dressed' 'put on makeup' 'feed cats' on my list, just so I can tick them off (or cross them out, depending on my mood) and feel like I'm getting somewhere.

Today I've done several things from my list, including more than a few of those 'filler' items, but writing on ym blog wasn't actually one of them, so I'd better either stop wasting time and get on with some more of the things, or go write it on my list, so I can cross it off ;-)

That's right: I'm in a crossing off mood today!

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  1. Hi there. I find I'm getting worse as the years roll on, instead of writing lists, I now prepare schedules and spreadsheets. This has been invaluble at Christmas when I'm invaded by my husband's family for several days. They now know to consult the table on the fridge door to see what time meals are, what their task is and when they need to achieve it by. No arguements and everyone does their fair share and, more importantly, I'm not exhausted from trying to do everything.