Monday, 4 January 2010

Too Early?

I know that in real terms winter hasn't even reached the beginning of the middle yet, but there's something about the post-Christmas period, especially when combined with this very unseasonable bright January sunshine, that promises you Spring, just around the corner.

As a kicker I had to bring all my pots inside, since the temperature has been a very seasonable -6 degrees most nights. The unexpected temperate warmth of the kitchen has tickled my bulbs into waking up and beautiful pea-green shoots have been poking their cheerful little spikes out of the dark brown compost. Every time I go into the kitchen and see them, an exciting little thrill runs through me. It's like having a crush and running into him unexpectedly - that same little blip and the shiver of something powerful and out of control about to happen.

Soon we'll be planting seeds and coaxing them into glorious life as well. In my imagination the garden is already bursting forth with green shoots, flowers and gorgeous, glamorous colour and life.

Spring may not be here just yet, but its potential is welling up inside me and the promise of a new year carries with it a promise of new life in all shapes.

Happy New Year - and here's to a luscious Spring!

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