Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Things That Wind Me Up

- Drivers who don't indicate at a roundabout - where are you going? I'm not psychic!
- Thin people who whinge about how fat they are. Do you want a smack?
- Adverts with crappy jingles that nevertheless stick in your head and play for days.
- Buying something at full price and then finding it significantly cheaper when it's too late to change.
- Snow. <-- that's a fairly new one that only applies when it lasts more than 1 day, stops people coming to visit and doesn't even get your husband a snow day.
- Cats who won't snuggle when you want them to, but climb all over you when you're trying to type, knit or write.
- Being let down at the last minute
- Passive aggressive behaviour - if you have a problem, just tell me.
- Parents who don't bother to control their children - take control, take responsibility.
- People who expect me to make a quick decision. I'm a ditherer, deal with it!
- Gossip mags - why would I give a rat's arse about people I've never met and have no connection with?
- People who don't understand chocolate addiction - that's not normal.
- Anyone who pushes in front of me in a queue.
- Babies with pierced ears.
- Small girls in adult style clothing - put them in a frilly dress and ankle socks!
- Twins or siblings who've been dressed in the same clothes - way to incubate an identity crisis in later life.
- People who expect you to find something easy just because they do.


  1. I agree with everything else but the snow bit ;) Although, I do partially agree with that too because I love snow and winter but not in this country (because the whole country stops working when it snows)! And I hate the bit when the snow melts and it turns to sleet and wet slush...

    And I hate drivers in snowy and icy condition, who think that they can drive like it's normal conditions- they endanger everyone's safety by overtaking stupidly, driving too fast, breaking too late etc.

    Oh, I feel so much better now after this little rant ;)

  2. People who don't replace the loo roll! And if they do they put it on the wrong way! Paper over the top people!! :D

  3. Agreed. Can I also add, cyclists with no lights, and pedestrians with dark clothing that dash across the road at night with no warning?!

  4. Wow - I think that must be my most commented upon post!
    Pia - that's why I hate the snow. If I could just stay at home and drink hot chocolate with my hubby, occasionally popping out to sauna or ski then the snow would be my most favourite thing ever!
    Sue - I agree about the loo paper and can;t believe I forgot that. Can I add people who leave the soap in a puddle so it turns to mush?
    Jane - Agreed and agreed. And cyclists who think they're road traffic some of the time and pedestrians when they want to nip round traffic lights etc...