Friday, 18 February 2011

Waving the flag for the NHS

I don't often get political in public, I don't like confrontation and nothing is more likely to raise peoples' hackles except, perhaps, religion. Some things, however, are just too important to ignore. Since the post war years the UK has been the envy of the world for its nationalised healthcare system, but now it is under threat and, except for one lone voice,nobody I know seems to have even noticed. Once I realised how big a threat this was to the one thing about all others that makes me proud of my country I had to do something, however small, so please read the following information, if you're in the UK sign the E-petition and pass on the details to everyone you know who has ever benefited from the NHS.

Thank you

Our treasured NHS is under threat. We believe that proposals in the new White Paper will break-up NHS services. At the heart of the NHS should be patients, but business motives are cutting deeply into the fairness, quality and value that we have come to expect. It is crucial for the public and NHS staff to join in opposing these proposals.

The NHS is already making £20bn of tough savings. So when jobs and services are under threat and waiting lists likely to rise, why waste £3bn on reforms that staff don’t want and which will make the NHS we know unrecognisable. Many people are now joining together to stand up for the NHS, so why not find out more and join them.

Sign the national petition at:

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