Wednesday, 2 February 2011

One Hundred!

Well, I felt I needed to mark the occasion of my one hundredth post somehow... so consider it marked.

I have managed to put aside the uselessness for today and not only did I shower and dress *as soon as I got out of bed* (and not, for example, after Loose Women), I also hung a wash out, took the post into town and set myself up for wife of the year award.

Hubby has been in need of some new shoes, but this was put to the bottom of the 'to do' list due to the more urgent items like moving house and switching over all the utilities. Buying him new shoes is not the easiest task in the world anyway, as he works 9-5 all weekdays and has an all-consuming hobby which consumes him all day every Saturday. With our most local town being a very cute market town which, adorably, observes Sunday closing still, this makes his opportunity to buys shoes almost non-existent, unless he wants a (not so foot-healthy) plastic pair from Tesco, I have to put on my personal shopper hat and bring things home for him to try, then return the rejects the next day.

Impressively, the well known chain I chose to patronise today (hello my good shop etc) were marking down all the sales pairs as I entered, so I grabbed two inoffensive size 11 black pairs, one laced, one slip-on, and was more than a little chuffed with the c.£47 price for the two together. Bargain. Let's hope at least one pair meet with approval.

Let's face it, doing this sort of personal shopper act for hubby sounds like a lot of faff - not least because it requires twice the number of trips to the shops, but it has two major advantages.
1- Not having to drag a -frankly- rather grumpy 29 year old man round the shops as he acts more like a 3 year old on the verge of a major tantrum.
2- By providing him with a small choice one gets to exert an influence over the clothing he wears without the accompanying accusation that one is trying to dress him or change him. Not that I do want to change him, but let's face it - I take far more interest in clothing and appearance than he does, so it's nice to have a hand in it, because who wants to leave that to the disinterested?

So - happy 100th post!

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