Friday, 4 February 2011

Happiness, the greatest gift that I possess

Firstly - sorry about the title. I can never resist a rhyme or a song quote and that one kind of forced it's way in as soon as I typed the word 'happiness'.

My friend Laura sent me an e-mail recommending the following blog to me: The Happiness Project and reading it inspired me to send an e-mail to my husband to tell him how much he added to my happiness. I had been wondering what to blog about today, but the mail I sent to him (with all the soppy bits cut out) seemed like a ready-made post, so I hope he won't mind that I copy/pasted the following from the mail I sent him.

I've sat and read a few posts on it and mindfulness came up - do you know what that is? It's something I need to keep an eye on, I think. It's basically staying aware of yourself and the moment you're in - that if you want to spend the morning lying on the sofa eating chocolate cake and reading a trashy novel (to pick an example out of the clear blue sky ;-)) then that's fine and it will add to your happiness - as long as you've made a conscious decision to do it over anything else.

Does that make sense? It means that if you've done all the important things you need to do, or have prioritised and decided that they're less important than lying on the sofa etc, then lying on the sofa is a great way to promote your happiness. If, however, you're only half concentrating on the sofa-lying whilst the rest of your brain is occupied with the things you 'should' be doing, then you're getting in your own way.

So I'm going to empty the dishwasher (hurrah - we have a dishwasher here! Love the new gaff!), wipe down the kitchen counters, clean the litter tray (bleurk) and hang the washing out and then I'm going to, say, cut myself a large slice of chocolate cake and take my Georgette Heyer to the sofa (just as an example, y'know...!)

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  1. Chocolate could neve make you unhappy :D
    Good post, I have to say I'm happy too and content too, that is a pretty impprtant part of happiness I rockon :D