Friday, 5 February 2010

It was on a Tuesday morning that the Gas man came to call... and a Friday...

Yup. I have been visited by not one, but two gas/electricity men this week "come to read the meter, Love." Marvellous. As if it isn't bad enough answering the door to a strange man and haviong to invite him into your house when you're alone today I got caught on the hop just as I'd got out of the shower. Luckily my dressing gown is a real passion killer - thick, heavy pale-blue towelling that covers *everything* from neck to ankle barely even hinting at a waist, despite the cord around the middle, but all the same it was very unnerving to be standing there knowing I was naked underneath and knowing that the gas man probably knew too, since I had blatantly just got out of the shower and was streaming water onto the floor.

I fully realise that there is some kind of national stereotype of the bored housewife eagerly welcoming various labourers into her bored embrace, but 1) I am rarely bored and 2) ewww - have you seen the state of most of them? I don't do Grandads ;-) Especially not grubby ones in fraying t-shirts.

Right, that's my exciting update for the day, now I have to go see a man about a job... hopefully < crosses fingers >

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