Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Sick Days

Eurk - both hubby and I have been struck down by lurgies. First he got a bad cold, so I was running round after him, then I caught the cold, so he did a bit of running around after me and now he's got some stomach bug or gastroenteritis and I'm still coughing like a consumptive in a smoke house, so we're a bit of a pathetic pair at the moment.

On the plus side I managed to get two pills down each of the cats with no casualties sustained on either side, so someone must be on my side!

Whilst dropping hubby off at the doctors' for a check up I wandered into the library and got out a few really trashy books to read while I'm ill. One of them is a Georgette Heyer, another one is called 'Divas Don't Knit' -- I'm going to try and expand my brain while this cold runs its course ;-)


  1. Enjoy your reads, and I hope you get well soon!

  2. Thanks for the good wishes :-) At least I can use the time to update my blog!