Sunday, 15 November 2009

Never Too Late

So here I was thinking that all the hedgerows were bare by now, all wild produce the province of birds and beasties, but I'm never afraid to admit when I'm wrong and, in this case, I most certainly was. Hubby and I went for a little walk in the countryside, since the weather was about as perfect as it can get in November - cold and clear with blue skies and sunshine. Wandering along down a narrow lane we came across bushes bare of all but a few withered, yellow leaves and clusters of perfect, cloudy blue berries: sloes.

Hurrah! Enough for a second bottle of sloe gin, the first of which has already infused to a deep, beautiful pink in our drinks cupboard, with some left to make spiced sloe and rosehip cordial. Just call me the hedgerow Queen! ;-)

Coming soon: photos and an account of my Saturday spent at Sarah's, learning more about hedgecraft and herbs.


  1. Goodness, I've never had sloe or rosehip cordial.
    But it sounds lovely, is it quite sweet? I'd love to see a recipe if you'd be willing to post it.
    I'm very interested in your hedgecraft as well!

    This is Jenny (Flowerchild) from DTEF btw! I look forward to more posts!!

    - Jenny

  2. Hey Jenny. Actually, in it's raw form, sloe and rosehip cordial is very bitter, even mouth-drying! But you add honey or sugar to it to suit your tastes and that gives it the sweetness :-)

    Good to see you