Thursday, 26 November 2009

Official Knit Wit

So last night was my official debit as a Coventry Knit Wit. I was a little nervous at first, not because of meeting new people per say - I'm a sociable sort of person and I love chatting to people... anybody really, just ask Adam. It was more the - not knowing the conventions, you know? Like, do we just whip out our knitting and go at it (that would be a 'yes', incidentally) or do we have a chat first or what.

In the end it was very relaxed and easy. I wasn't sure whether I should have my pattern book out on the table or not, but that didn't matter, because I was on an easy bit where I had 18 rows to knit, no increase, decrease or general faffing about, so all I had to do was keep a tally and I was sorted.

The women were friendly and kind, they barely laughed at all when I asked stupid questions because, let's face it, I was far and away the most junior knitter there in terms of ability. Still, we don't get better unless we practice and I'm going to keep practicing - Adam wants a woolly hat for Christmas, so I'm going to have a crack at that as soon as I find a nice yarn, something blue and chunky I think. If that goes well I'm starting on woolly bed socks - nice and chunky, so they progress quickly and keep your feet snuggly when you're lounging around the house. If I do well at that, then it's boot socks for Daddy's birthday in February, something in sludge green would make him happy no doubt.

For now, however, I'm determined to get this current project finished - currently nicknamed the wobbly ghost project! :-D You'll find out more eventually ;-)

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