Monday, 19 October 2009

The Philosophy of 'Homemade'

Once upon a time, many moons ago, my mum and I went on a jaunt into the countryside. We drove around picturesque countryside and villages, eventually stopping to explore one more fully. It was a charming place, filled with tumbledown cottages, leaning villas and a heavy stone church.

Wandering through a back passage into a little courtyard we happened upon a farm produce type shop, selling local honey and jams, some cuts of meat and, taking up an entire counter, "Homemade Cakes".

I give it inverted commas, because each cake was labelled, very clearly, with the handwritten moniker of "Homemade" and boy, didn't they look it. It was as if someone had made the perfect cake, then tipped it sidewards to make the whole thing lean and the icing drip, then pushed a thumb into it in a couple of judicious spots. You'd have no trouble passing this off as one you'd made yourself, believe me, though I'm sure they still tasted delicious.

Ever since then my darling mum and I have used "homemade" (with unspoken, yet clearly delineated inverted commas around it) to gently mock and denigrate any item we've produced which is, shall we say, less than restaurant standard!

I tell you this, because it is something I shall refer to in the future and is not always entirely complimentary, especially when directed towards myself. It's not cruel, though, just a gentle tease, because homemade, whether "homemade" or professional looking, is always better and you should know that I truly believe that. Besides, the unique and individual appearance of "homemade" items give them a charm all of their own... or so I like to think ;-)

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