Friday, 16 October 2009


So I was all set to make my soap yesterday, but the weather wasn't having any of it. Making up the lye water releases a lot of toxic fumes and, due to the size of my little galley kitchen, I needed to do this step outside, but it rained constantly all day.

OK, fine, I used it as an opportunity to collect rain water to use in the soapmaking and felt very proud of myself for seizing the day etc and getting on with the spicy chinese chicken soup I've been meaning to make.

Well today I woke up, bright and perky, the sun was shining, I had everything i needed, the moulds are all ready - perfect! Today I have a crack at it, for definite... or not. The brand new digital scales that I bought two days ago will not work, not for love nor money. Hubby put new batteries in it for me last night and it worked just fine, but this morning I press the 'on' button and nothing. I could scream with frsutration. I could have done it w/o the stick blender, but not w/o the digital scales as, according to this website, weights must be very accurate.

Oh well, guess I'll finish the soup, do some knitting and alter the dress that could look better with some minor modifications. Still useful, just not what I had planned.

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