Saturday, 1 March 2014

All knitted out

So in the run up to Christmas my knitting fingers were very busy, not only was I knitting a complicated scarf for my mum and a Christmas Stocking for the cub (photos to follow!), but about a hundred of my pals were reproducing and I was making billions of tiny baby hats to welcome the new arrivals into the wettest winter in recent history.

So after knitting probably about 11 hats as well as all the other items I have completely run out of knitting mojo and was beginning to wonder what to do with myself. Well thankfully The Great British Sewing Bee has just restarted and so has my interest in sewing, but this reminds me that last summer's sewing project (the little shirred dress for a toddler) has still not been properly blogged, so later today I will be creating that, possibly in many parts, and setting out my sewing plans. I would do that now, but I have a toddler jumping on my leg and trying to turn the laptop off so, for now, adieu!

UPDATE: Huzzah - found the Great British Sewing Bee Toddler shirred dress tutorial was already written up and the photos in a folder (I must have been more organised than I thought) so I've tidied it up and published it and you can find it here: Shirred dress tutorial

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