Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Sew what's next...?

Well, it has to be sewing, but sewing what?

I have a beautiful pair of french knickers in midnight blue silk, unfortunately they haven't fitted since I was about 16, but I still have them and occasionally take them out to admire them.  This just isn't good enough, so one project I have in mind is to try and find or create a pattern that I can use to make some more.  I've been doing lots of research and there's a tutorial over on Vera Venus that I'm going to use as a jumping off point, then I'll see if I can get a bit more adventurous.  I'm totally in love with the silhouette of this emerald green pair by an Etsy seller, Sophistikitten, but she's stopped trading so I'll have to wing it.

I also need a new dress for a wedding reception in May.  My only wedding-appropriate dress was worn to the groom-to-be's brother's wedding last year so roughly half the guests will have seen it already which means something new is in order, but funds are limited, so I'm going to be making something, I have a couple of ideas, but nothng's set in stone yet.

Before I start any other projects though, I need to make something functional.  My sewing machine lives on some open shelving in the sitting room which means that a cover is essential to keep the dust off, but I am heartily sick of the white plastic monstrosity it came with.

I've seen this luscious cover- the colours even match my sitting room - but there's no tutorial for it, or for anything similar that I've seen, but it looks like standard quilting and binding, so I should be able to bodge something together - the hardest part will be doing the opening for the handle.  However. That's where I'm going to start and I'll be getting on with it as soon as I locate the perfect fabric - something bright, bold and pretty with red and turquoise in... and maybe pink and yellow, too. Not too hard an ask...

Before any of these, though, I have some really dull projects to finish - hem the Cub's unfnished curtains, take up my bedroom curtains, make tie-backs for mine and the sitting room curtains and make some bunting for the kitchen to tie the (white blind covered) window in with the (sherbert-coloured curtained) French Windows...

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