Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Don't Panic!

OK, maybe I'm over simplifying here, but how is a 'panic button' helpful when dealing with the subtle, long-term grooming of young people by paedophiles? Surely the whole reason that predators are able to achieve the results they desire is because the intended victims don't actually realise they are being targetted.

Fine, so now they have an easy way of alerting the authorities if someone creeps them out, but I've been a teenager and now I volunteer with them: don't tell me that some of them aren't going to find it hilariously amusing to report their friends and family just for the hell of it?

It sounds like a simplistic answer to a complex problem, but kudos to facebook for getting some good publicity out of it. It sure beats the privacy issues they've been in the news for recently. Time will tell if it's anything more than a bit of makeup on an ugly scar.

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