Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - a two week round-up

Oh dear oh dear - it has been a long while since I last updated, hasn't it? I do apologise if, for some reason, you'd been sitting around chewing your fingernails and wondering where I'd gone.

The good news is that I got a job. Yes! At long long last my job hunt has been successful and I've landed myself a part-time 'internship' of 9 weeks with a large UK charity. It's the break I've needed, because even if I fail to get the full-time position (which I've applied for and want want want) it is, at the very least, a rung up the job ladder, because it's recently, relevant experience working in the area which I want to enter. It's a big deal for me.

The bad news is that poor old hubby has had the 'flu since my birthday, possibly swine 'flu, but no oinking, so I can't be certain. He woke me up in the middle of the night shaking and sweating so badly I had to strip the bed and put fresh linen on. Therein followed all the many symptoms associated with the 'flu - aching, temperature, snotty, coughing, sicky etc... he's been in a very bad way.

The Ugly is that, on the same day that he came down with the hideous lurgy and I turned another year older, I had my first job interview for over a year and was fighting off a disgusting lurgy of my own. Nothing quite as bad as 'flu, but I'm sure you'll agree that a bad cough and cold can be quite debilitating enough to make life uncomfortable. Well, as I said before, I got the job and they asked me to start that Wednesday! So there I was, feeling rather rotten, new job to start, all the household chores falling on my shoulders plus all the extra work of looking after a 'fluey patient. I'm still amazed I stayed on my feet and kept working, to be honest.

I'm sorry I have nothing more exciting to report, but as you can see it's been a little one-track round here and that track was all about just keeping going. This weekend is the first opportunity I've had to just sit down and do nothing. Oh, but it's bliss. I have been so tired and ill and it is such a luxury to just slob around in my pyjamas and do nothing! Hubby is finally back on his feet enough that he is self-sufficient, so I only have to run around after myself and not him, also. I've been trying so hard not to let it be apparent at work that I've felt rubbish and, even though I have, I've still enjoyed the work and the office ever so much. I can't wait to go back and have another stab at it when I'm feeling 100% - I'll kick arse. Totally. Thank heavens for this long Easter weekend which is giving me the chance to recuperate.

Remedies to Ease Suffering From 'Flu
So these are the things I've been treating hubby and myself with - in his case to speed recovery, in mine to try and prevent catching it. What do you use?

- Spiced elderberry cordial - anti-viral and very soothing as a hot drink
- Lemon, ginger and honey drink - hot and soothing and full of immune boosting... stuff
- Vitamin C and zinc supplements - immune boosting again
- Paracetemol and ibuprofen in 2 hour alternating cycles for pain and temperature lowering
- Echinacea tincture - again for the immune boosting
- Watered down juices to stay hydrated
- Fatty foods to support the immune system and tempt the appetite
- Hot water bottles for warmth, cold flannels to cool
- Two cuddly cats - essential for morale.

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  1. Swine flu is okay, it's that man flu ya gotta watch out for! ;-D Hope he feels better soon and congrats on your new job :D