Saturday, 5 December 2009


So I'm aware my posting average has been down somewhat over the last week. I blame this confounded weather, which has had it's usual dark and dismal effect upon me and turned me into some kind of massively oversized dormouse, tortoise or other cute, hibernatory creature.

I swear to God, my sleep patterns are so messed up at the moment that even when I'm awake i'm not certain if up is down. I'm dreaming strange and vivid dreams, far too few of which are sexual in content and experiencing mood swings worse then even my hormone fuelled ravages once a month. I can't go on like this - fitful sleep one night, insomnia the next, eleven hours in a row followed by zombie-like inability to wake up on others. It's absurd.

Look at me now! I went to bed at nine pm, yet here I am at nearly one am, wide awake and grouchy that I'm the only one up... well, sort of, the cats are keeping me company thank god, but they fell asleep again instantly damn them.

Am I the only one who suffers this? I tired combating it with prolonged exposure to daylight and walked to the library to extend my book loans instead of calling them. The brisk exercise and the minimum of fifteen minutes outdoors should have been enough to kick my body back into the realms of normality I thought, but apparently not, because here I am. If there was anything decent on TV I'd put that on and knit as I watched, but there isn't, so I'm going to sit on my laptop and fume instead, waiting for the valerian and glass of milk to have the desired effect.

Bah. Humbug. And it isn;t even Christmas yet.


  1. At 2am I am empathising. I went to bed at 10:30 (made sure I turned off the laptop an hour before that) and gave up on sleep at about 1am. I am reading blogs, playing mahjong online and looking at wool on ebay. I don't know what triggers this but it happens at least once a month. I hope your valerian kicks in and you don't read this until tomorrow. All the best, Elizabeth

  2. Thanks Elizabeth - the valerian did work thank goodness and I'm only just reading your comment now at 11am (not that I only just woke up, but I treated myself to a morning reading in bed!) Hope you sleep better tonight!

  3. Stay up until you're nodding off, but always get up at a regular time every morning (even at the weekend). Takes a fortnight or so, but it should eventually reset your body clock. Oh, and I avoid caffeine after 4pm, but that's just me. I'm crap at sleep, too - but the snorer next to me doesn't help, either!

  4. Yeah, I don;t drink caffeine at all really and I do get up at the same time every day. It's just this cold weather and short days...